CMS detector upgrades move ahead

Planned upgrades to parts of the CMS detector at CERN recently received Critical Decision 1 approval from the U.S. Department of Energy. This picture shows a mock-up installation of the upgrade forward pixel prototype modules in the current CMS detector, testing alignment fixtures and cable routing. Photo: Greg Derylo, PPD

The U.S. Department of Energy recently approved the conceptual design and cost range for the US CMS collaboration’s proposed upgrades to the CMS detector, which will begin towards the end of 2014 and will continue to the end of 2017. This approval stage, called Critical Decision 1, is the second part of a five-step process DOE follows to manage and fund experiments.

The proposed upgrades will prepare the experiment for the next run of the Large Hadron Collider, during which proton-proton collisions will occur at almost twice their previous luminosity.

“The LHC is going to have a much higher collision rate once they finish the LHC upgrades,” said Joel Butler, US CMS program manager. “We need to prepare the detector for this new luminosity, which is higher than the CMS detector was originally designed for.”

The US CMS collaboration is planning upgrades for three parts of the CMS detector: the forward pixel detector, the hadron calorimeter and parts of the level-one trigger system. Although the engineering and design of these particular upgrades have been spearheaded by U.S. collaborations, the actual process of building and integrating the new technology into the detector will be an international effort, according to Butler.

Currently, US CMS collaborators are finishing research and development for the upgrades and building prototypes of the different parts they wish to integrate into the detector. The next big step for the project is reaching CD-2 and CD-3, which will allow them to start building large quantities of the new parts.

“We hope to reach CD-2 during the summer of 2014 and be in full production by next October,” said Steve Nahn, recently appointed US CMS upgrade project manager.

Once the US CMS collaboration finishes planning and prototyping the different component parts, they will start the production phase. Butler expects they will complete the entire upgrade construction by the end of 2017.

Sarah Charley