Fermilab’s new counterintelligence partners

Michael Weis

Michael Weis, DOE Fermi Site Office manager, wrote this column.

Tuesday was Computer Security Awareness Day at Fermilab, and I’d like to tell you about recent changes, brought about by sequestration, in the way DOE is handling cybersecurity and other security measures related to counterintelligence, also known as CI.

The DOE Chicago Counterintelligence Field Office closed on Oct. 1. The Argonne National Laboratory CI office has assumed counterintelligence coverage responsibilities for Fermilab, Ames Lab, New Brunswick Lab and DOE federal employees within the region.

Both the closed Chicago CI and the Argonne CI field offices are part of the Department of Energy’s Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. Larry Collins, Argonne’s Intelligence Analysis Division director and senior counterintelligence officer, assures me that Argonne CI has been working diligently since April to provide the requisite CI services to Fermilab. It has also been conducting reviews of Work for Others proposals, Memoranda of Understanding with foreign entities and the history of the CI mission at Fermilab for the last six months.

Fermilab employees are encouraged to contact the following individuals with any questions regarding CI matters: Larry Collins at 630-252-9919; Tom Stillman, lead counterintelligence officer, at 630-252-6191; Diana Naples, lead CI analyst, at 630-252-1239; and Steve Fuller, lead CI cyber-technical expert, at 630-252-6755.