Meeting challenges together

Fermilab Director
Nigel Lockyer

My primary goal as laboratory director is to ensure that Fermilab is functioning at the highest level possible, with all of its scientific and operational aspects working together effectively. Achieving that goal over the next decade will require us to work together to overcome two big challenges: managing several construction projects while operating the country’s largest accelerator complex and carrying out these activities within an atmosphere of continuing fiscal restraint.

The community has recognized our skill and expertise and has entrusted us with some of their most important scientific projects. We have two neutrino experiments near completion; the Muon Campus is being built and we lead the U.S. portions of the CMS detector and LHC accelerator upgrades. We are attracting international partners for LBNE so the program can achieve its full potential and developing a plan to upgrade the accelerator complex on the same timescale. We have the right team of accelerator and experiment builders, operators, and analyzers to carry out this ambitious program successfully.

The second challenge will require just as much teamwork and creativity to overcome as the first. There are two ways to increase the investment in our scientific and site infrastructure: securing new funding and freeing up existing funds by decreasing inefficiencies. The management team continues to pursue all possible avenues to secure new funding and to use existing funds more efficiently. Most importantly, we are finding ways to put any savings directly back into improving our laboratory’s infrastructure.

I write today to ask for your help on all of these fronts. Some of you have already shared your thoughts with me, but I know there are more great ideas out there. How can we best organize to carry out our suite of projects? Are there new sources of funding we should pursue? Where can we be more efficient? Which aspects of our infrastructure would most benefit from investment? Please share your ideas with your manager or submit them directly to me.

This lab’s “can do” attitude and ability to surpass expectations has led to remarkable achievements over a span of nearly 50 years. I look forward to working with all of you to build a laboratory that will thrive well past our 60th anniversary.