Roads B and D closed Nov. 5-8

Roads B and D in the vicinity of the Feynman Computing Center and the IARC OTE Building construction will be closed from Tuesday to Friday. Click on the map to view the detour route.

From Nov. 5-8, parts of Road B and Road D will be closed because of road improvements in front of the IARC Office Technical and Education Building and on the east side of Feynman Computing Center.

Employees at FCC will use the FCC remote parking lot along the north side of Road B.

Employees at CDF will use the parking lot at Site 327. Access around the barricade at the far east end of Road D is allowed for CDF employees only.

Employees working in the Industrial Complex (IC and IB 1, 2, 3 and 4) will access the parking lots from Feldott Road.

See this map to view the detour route.