Accelerator update, Dec. 2

All Fermilab experiments are receiving beam and taking data. Fermilab will host a labwide party on Friday, Dec. 6, at 4:30 p.m. to celebrate this achievement.

Main Injector/NuMI
Between Nov. 25 and Dec. 2, the Main Injector provided 157 hours of proton beam to the NuMI target for the production of neutrinos for MINERvA, MINOS and NOvA. The machine delivered an integrated intensity of 4.84 x 1018 protons on target. This includes approximately two days of requested lower-intensity operation to NuMI.

AD personnel worked on Recycler commissioning.

Fixed-target area: Test Beam Facility
AD personnel worked on beam tuning for Test Beam Facility experiments, which took 72 hours of beam last week. Experiments T-979 and T-1015 are now online.

Fixed-target area: SeaQuest
AD personnel worked on beam tuning for the SeaQuest experiment, which took 140 hours of beam last week.

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