Emergency notification system to launch

Jon Bakken
Jeff Irvin

Jon Bakken, head of the Core Computing Division, and Jeff Irvin, acting head of the Business Services Section, wrote this column.

Next month, Fermilab will launch a new emergency notification system. During situations such as power outages, blizzards or other emergencies that have a potentially great impact on the lab, Fermilab employees, contractors and users will be able to receive notification via email, phone or text message. The system is similar to those used by school districts, municipalities and several other national labs.

Why we are implementing the new system
Until now, the Fermilab sitewide emergency warning system, Twitter and Facebook posts, all-hands emails and information posted on the Fermilab home page have been used to communicate information regarding emergencies or other events that affect lab operations. While these methods are effective and will continue to be used, the new emergency notification system will allow messages to be delivered to multiple phone numbers and email addresses, even during widespread power outages or if the Fermilab email system is down.

When emergency notification messages will be sent
Messages will be sent during an emergency or other events that could greatly affect the operations of the lab or the safety of those on site. These include early lab closings or late openings, tornado warnings, and lengthy or widespread power outages. Messages will also be sent during annual system tests.

What you will have to do
In January, an email message will be sent to all active, badged and on-site individuals who have an email address on file with the lab. If you want the emergency notification messages to be sent only to your email address on file, then you will not have to do anything. If you want to add additional notification numbers and email addresses, you will be able to do so by clicking on a link in the email.

If you have a Fermilab badge but do not have an email address on file (as is the case with some contractors, for example), you will need to update your information. This update process can be completed through WDRS for employees, the Users Office for users or visitors, and the Key and ID office for contractors.

More information to come
More information about the Fermilab emergency notification system will be sent next month prior to launching the system and will include details about how to sign up.