NOvA crew finishes 10,000th module for far detector

The 10,000th module of the NOvA far detector in northern Minnesota is now in place. Only 752 remain to be assembled and installed. Photo: William Miller, NOvA installation manager

The NOvA far detector crew finished the assembly and gluing of the 10,000th module for the neutrino detector in northern Minnesota on Dec. 5. It is one of the modules that make up the layers of the second-to-last detector block, which the crew expects to finish and erect in January. When complete, the NOvA far detector will comprise 10,752 modules assembled in 28 blocks.

The image below shows the 10,000th module in a laser scan image. The assembly crew scans 40 percent of the detector layers to document how the modules and their cells line up with regard to the external survey points attached to the modules. The laser light doesn’t reflect off black paint, so the number 10,000 stands out in this scan.

The number painted on the 10,000th block stands out in this laser scan. Image courtesy of William Miller, NOvA installation manager