Recycler sends slip stacked beam to Main Injector

Last week the Accelerator Division successfully sent beam through all major stages of Fermilab’s accelerator complex. Photo: Reidar Hahn

On Thursday, Dec. 12, the Recycler sent slip stacked beam to the Main Injector for the first time.

The milestone marks the successful, continuous delivery of beam through all major stages of acceleration in the upgraded accelerator complex.

Beginning at the particle source, beam traveled from the Booster to the Recycler through the new beamline connecting the two stages. The Recycler then slip stacked two batches of beam using the new RF system and transferred them to the Main Injector through a second new beamline.

The tests demonstrated that all the acceleration steps work as designed in the new accelerator operation mode, which is needed to achieve 700 kW of beam power.

The Accelerator Division will now begin optimizing slip stacking in the Recycler. They will then send the optimized beam to the Main Injector, which will begin accelerating beam in the near future.