A visit to the LBNE cryostat

Representatives from the industrial firm IHI Inc. in New York visit Fermilab to see the 35-ton prototype cryostat for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment. IHI Corporation, parent company of IHI Inc. and based in Japan, designed and supplied the membrane for the cryostat and the technical supervision during the installation. Fermilab technicians built the cryostat. From left: Senior Vice President Keiichi lshikane (IHI), Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Tsutomu Yoshida (IHI), LBNE Lead Cryostat Engineer David Montanari (Fermilab), Manager for Technical Research and Business Development Yuichi Nishiyama (IHI), LBNE Far-Detector Project Manager Jim Stewart (Brookhaven Lab). The LBNE collaboration recently filled the cryostat with liquid argon, the material that will allow scientists to observe neutrino interactions. Stay tuned for more on the LBNE cryostat in a future Fermilab Today article.