Java update effects on Fermilab Time and Labor

Oracle will release a Java update on Jan. 14. This may have a minor impact on the use of Fermilab Time and Labor (FTL). It may also affect other applications that use Java. The Core Computing Division expects the impact to be minimal but will not be able to test and confirm these potential impacts until the Java update is released on Jan. 14.

What you need to do
On or after Jan. 14, if you receive security warnings that you don’t usually see when accessing FTL, please refer to this knowledge base article for examples of what the security warnings will look like and what to do with them. CCD intends to provide automatic software updates as soon as they become available to prevent these security warnings from appearing.

To avoid this potential impact, you can use the HTML version of the FTL site.

If you would like to read about the Java security updates, see this knowledge base article.

If you have any questions about the pop-ups, the Java update or FTL, please contact the service desk.