Oliver Gutsche earns CMS Young Researcher Prize

Oliver Gutsche

Last month, the CMS collaboration awarded Oliver Gutsche, Scientific Computing Division, the CMS Young Researcher Prize at CERN for “his sustained and critical contributions to the development, deployment and operation of the worldwide distributed computing system of CMS.”

The annual prize is intended to recognize outstanding achievements of the young members of CMS who have made a very significant and sustained contribution to CMS over many years in any area, including hardware, software, analysis and technical areas. Gutsche was one of this year’s five recipients.

Editor’s note: The symmetry story below highlights some of the research that Gutsche and other LHC scientists work on.

The medal for the Young Researcher Prize is a piece of the CMS solenoid, the largest solenoid in the world. In the middle picture, the superconducting wire, embedded in the aluminum, is visible. Photos courtesy of Oliver Gutsche, SCD