Acting on your feedback

Fermilab Director
Nigel Lockyer

In September an online feedback form was made available for Fermilab employees to submit comments and suggestions on how to make Fermilab a more productive and vibrant place to work. Thank you to the 173 employees who took the time to send many thoughtful ideas. This column will briefly summarize the actions we’ve taken in response to the feedback that you provided over the past four months.

Almost half of the items you submitted either have been completed or are in progress. A few examples include:

  • extending the laboratory’s entrance gate hours to better accommodate work schedules.
  • purchasing new cafeteria furniture for Wilson Hall (coming this spring).
  • formalizing labwide telecommuting, flex time and alternative work schedule policies. (The Employee Advisory Group is diligently working on recommendations on all three subjects.)
  • repairing several trouble spots on our roads and improving sitewide signage.
  • upgrading the refreshments at the director’s coffee break (and making them a bit healthier).

While you had the option to submit your comments and suggestions anonymously, more than two-thirds of you chose to identify yourselves, which gave us the opportunity, in many cases, to personally follow up with you.

In addition, we received 46 comments on topics that included recommendations for steering the scientific direction of the lab, how to restructure the organization and ways to harness the vast amount of knowledge that resides with our employees and users. We will certainly keep these in mind as we continue to plan for the future of Fermilab.

Twenty-five of the suggestions that you submitted are currently under consideration, while another 20 are currently not feasible to implement.

The Feedback to the Director form is closed for now. We plan to open it back up occasionally as needed to solicit feedback on specific issues. As always, I am happy to hear your feedback, so stop by my office, send an email or ask a question at the all-hands meeting on Thursday morning at 10:30. Thanks to Deb Sebastian for coordinating the suggestions and subsequent follow-up.