Coming soon: an improved SharePoint experience

Many folks at Fermilab use SharePoint to collaborate via the Web. It provides a space to host meeting agendas and minutes, a place to organize and share group or project information and a way to handle multiple people updating a document. SharePoint is a Web-based solution that we can customize to address the content management needs of the scientific, business and technical communities at Fermilab.

The Core Computing Division will upgrade Fermilab to SharePoint 2013 by the end of March. Our implementation, to be called FermiPoint, will offer a more social experience — tagging, easier navigation, easier content and document sharing (in fewer clicks) — and a significantly improved user experience, especially for those using Linux or Mac operating systems or non-Microsoft browsers.

The migration process will have an impact on those who have existing SharePoint sites. Site owners will receive email within the next few weeks regarding this impact and what they need to do to prepare for migration to FermiPoint.

For more information, including frequently asked questions about and benefits of FermiPoint, see the FermiPoint Migration page.

Keenan Newton