Doug Glenzinski is new Mu2e co-spokesperson

Doug Glenzinski

This month Fermilab scientist Doug Glenzinski was elected as co-spokesperson for the Mu2e experiment, an ambitious endeavor that will use muons — heavy cousins of the electron — to advance the search for new physics.

“The theory of particle physics, the Standard Model, has described decades’ worth of results,” Glenzinski said. “It’s been a great success. But we know it’s incomplete.”

The Mu2e experiment will be 10,000 times more sensitive than similar experiments that have come before it. It will search for new physics in ways the LHC and neutrino experiments cannot.

“Together they’ll make for a more complete picture of nature,” Glenzinski said.

Glenzinski succeeds Bob Bernstein as co-spokesperson and now leads the Mu2e collaboration with Professor Jim Miller of Boston University.

Glenzinski says he’s excited to be leading the experiment during these crucial months.

“Mu2e made good progress last year,” he said. In 2013 Mu2e finished reference designs for two of their superconducting magnets, completed building plans, took test data using detector prototypes and added new institutions from the United States and Italy to the collaboration. And 2014 looks no less busy.

“We’re all eager to hear P5’s vision for the future of high-energy physics. In the meantime we’re working hard to finish the experiment design,” Glenzinski said. “Once that’s done we’ll be ready for the next phase.”

If all goes according to plan, over the next year Mu2e will begin producing its superconducting wire, contract vendors to build its solenoid magnets, complete detector R&D and break ground for a new building to house the experiment.

“This should be a big year for us,” he said. “The whole collaboration is excited and ready to start building.”

Leah Hesla