One minute with Bob Cibic, procurement supervisor

Bob Cibic purchases lab materials in the Procurement Department. Photo: Reidar Hahn

How long have you worked at Fermilab?
I’ve been here for 21 years, and I’d have to say it’s the best employer I’ve ever worked for. I was assigned to work as the first project procurement liaison for NOvA nine years ago.

Describe a typical workday.
It varies from day to day. I buy the hardware — such as power tubes and amplifiers — for many of the research projects on site. I work with suppliers, physicists, engineers and many other types of professionals. Buying certain materials may also require international coordination through customs of different countries.

I supervise seven other procurement administrators, and I am also involved in procurement training.

What’s the best part of your job?
I think it’s important to save money for the lab so it can be used for other requirements. I enjoy getting involved with different types of physics projects and having a range of responsibilities in acquiring goods and services for the laboratory.

What is your philosophy as a supervisor?
I believe in doing the best I can to motivate. With my employees, I try to not micromanage but mentor. I enjoy teaching and helping.

How did you become interested in this line of work?
I took an entry level procurement position at another company and found the job very satisfying. I like negotiating and saving money, so the position was a good fit.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I enjoy riding my bicycle on the Illinois Prairie Path and try to ride 2,000 miles per year. I also enjoy traveling to Europe with my wife.

What’s something people may not know about you?
My wife and I are involved in pet therapy. For the past eight years, we’ve taken our border collie to a retirement community. It really brings smiles to the residents’ faces.

Amanda Solliday

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