Testing of new emergency messaging system today

This morning at approximately 10 a.m., the laboratory’s new emergency messaging system will be tested. All employees should receive this message via the email address that they have on file at Fermilab: “This is the annual test of the emergency messaging system. You do not need to take action. This is a test.”

If you created an Everbridge account last week and added phone numbers, text numbers or email addresses, you should receive the test message via all of these communication pathways. The system is designed to call and email each pathway sequentially until you confirm receipt of the message. Once you confirm receipt, the system will stop sending messages to subsequent pathways in your list.

If you did not create an Everbridge account (or if you did, but did not add or change any of your contact information), then you will receive the test message only via the email address that you have on file at Fermilab.

We are planning to test the messaging system annually. More information on the system is available online.