The building manager’s toolkit

Kent Collins

Kent Collins, acting head of the Facilities Engineering Services Section, wrote this column.

I came to Fermilab in 1990 as the Wilson Hall building manager and have held a number of other positions over the years. I now have the good fortune to lead the experienced and dedicated FESS workforce.

We support the laboratory’s divisions, sections and centers by providing basic maintenance for all buildings, as well as managing the site infrastructure. Building managers are responsible for day-to-day management of the laboratory buildings, and FESS has developed a few tools to simplify building managers’ jobs and to facilitate maintenance and real property reporting, which Fermilab provides to DOE.

Ten years ago FESS started the development of a geographic information system (GIS), a mapping system that shows our site infrastructure and other conventional map features such as underground utilities, tunnels and many other layers. The GIS is integrated with other databases to provide a visual tool to help building managers access information about their facilities.

Recently we created a link for each building in the GIS, allowing one to view the active equipment in the FESS maintenance database. This helps building managers better understand the components that keep their facilities operational. While this tool is not available off site, the GIS is available to all on-site users. Contact Joe Pygott for assistance in navigating this application.

Another tool we’ve developed helps manage Director’s Policy no. 18, the construction modification review process. The FESS Engineering Department reviews proposed conventional construction and building modifications for compliance with Fermilab policies, sustainability and compatibility with land-use plans. We maintain records of all projects designed by FESS and expect other divisions, sections and centers to retain records of the projects they’ve designed.

A new design review tool provides a convenient way to submit drawings and specifications for FESS to review and record comments and revisions. Final plans are maintained in a searchable database.

The FESS GIS, FESS design review form and other FESS information such as the list of FESS engineering projects can be accessed from the FESS home page.