ASTA injector installation progress

The Accelerator Division has installed the first injector girder in the ASTA accelerator at NML. Photo: Jerry Leibfritz, AD

The first injector girder was recently installed in the Advanced Superconducting Test Accelerator at NML. The ASTA injector consists of an electron gun, two SRF accelerating cavities and a 15-meter-long beamline. The injector accelerates the electron beam generated in the gun up to 50 MeV in the first leg of the ASTA accelerator, prior to sending it through the SRF cryomodules.

The injector beamline consists of three girders that contain the beamline elements — magnets, instrumentation and vacuum components — that are needed to transport the beam. All of the vacuum components must be particle-free and so must be assembled in a cleanroom.

Using the girder system allows the majority of the cleanroom work to be done outside of the accelerator enclosure. The final assembly is then installed as a completed unit. This process minimizes the amount of cleanroom work necessary in the enclosure, as well as the interruption to the ongoing commissioning of the rest of the ASTA accelerator.

Installation of the injector is expected to be complete this spring, followed by commissioning, which will involve sending beam from the gun to a beam absorber just upstream of the cryomodules.

Jerry Leibfritz