Managed print services begins Wilson Hall rollout today

The Core Computing Division, with Dell Managed Services, will roll out its managed print service in Wilson Hall beginning March 24 and concluding by May 9. Accelerator Division, Technical Division, and Feynman Computing Center staff and others have either completed rollout or are well under way. MPS rollout in remaining areas of the laboratory will proceed this summer. A tentative schedule, to be periodically updated, is available on the MPS website.

MPS will result in the use of more modern and energy-efficient devices and printer settings, overall cost savings due to more efficient usage of supplies, better device management, single-vendor support, improved use of print and imaging devices, and expanded functionality.

The rollout process is as follows: First, the MPS team will install new printers and change settings on existing devices that are staying in the service area. Individuals’ regular printers may be unavailable for a short time during the transition to the MPS service.

Next, staff located at Wilson Hall will have to reconfigure their computers to use the new or pre-existing legacy devices by downloading the appropriate drivers as outlined on the MPS website. The name and method of access for each print device may also change. MPS staff will be on hand during this time to assist as needed.

Finally, after we have fully deployed and tested the devices on each floor of Wilson Hall, all devices that will not be part of MPS will be removed. We will ensure that you have print capability prior to the removal of any device.

If you experience any printing issues, please contact the Service Desk.

See more detailed information about MPS and its potential impact.