Reminder: 2013 Health Care Reimbursement Account

Have you used all of your 2013 Health Care Reimbursement Account funds?

Employees with a 2013 Health Care or Dependent Care reimbursement account must spend the remaining balance by the end of the plan year for each account: Health care expenses to be reimbursed with the 2013 Health Care Reimbursement Accounts must be incurred by March 15, 2014. Dependent Care expenses for 2013 must have been incurred by Dec. 31, 2013. Claims for both types of accounts must be submitted to the plan administrator, Payflex, by April 30, 2014. Any flexible spending account contributions remaining after the deadline will be forfeited.

Employees can submit flexible spending claims to PayFlex online at or via fax 402-231-4310. If this is your first time using the online system, the employee ID number that you are required to enter is your Fermilab ID number, with no leading zero and no “N”. The Fermi group number is 121378. Employees can review a list of eligible expenses, current balances and claims paid online.

If you have questions regarding the FSA debit card, debit card substantiation requests or tips on using the PayFlex online tool, view this FSA PowerPoint presentation.

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