Space heater care and maintenance

Be safe: Take proper care of your space heater.

Your space heater has taken care of you through some long cold winter days. Now is the time for you to take care of it so it continues to serve you well.

Inspect: Check the outside case, including the bottom, for deformation or discoloration. Make sure the cord and plug are undamaged.

Maintain: Newer space heaters from the stockroom have removable filters. Do not operate these heaters without the filter in place. These filters should be cleaned at least annually. Clean by rinsing the filter in clean water and air-drying thoroughly before reinstalling.

Operate and observe: Run the heater, noting any unusual noise or odor. Check the airflow. If the heater element is clogged with lint, this may cause the heater to overheat or shut down. Do not attempt to clean or service a heater that does not have a removable filter.

Store or replace: Unplug heaters and store for the next winter season in a dry location. If a heater is discolored, distorted, damaged, or exhibits unusual noises, odors or low airflow, it should be removed from service, discarded and replaced with the stockroom model next winter.

Dave Mertz, electrical safety officer