Dmitri Denisov re-elected DZero co-spokesperson

Dmitri Denisov

Last month Dmitri Denisov was re-elected for a two-year term as co-spokesperson for the DZero collaboration.

It is a renewal of a commitment that Denisov has made since 2006, when he was first elected. He will continue to lead DZero alongside Gregorio Bernardi.

DZero’s 400 collaboration members come from 19 countries.

“That Dmitri is continuing as co-spokesperson is a guarantee of success for DZero’s next steps,” Bernardi said. “It’s rare that a big collaboration can count on such a commitment. All of us at DZero are thankful for this.”

Having participated on DZero since 1987, when he was a graduate student, Denisov was there at the experiment’s beginning — even before the detector came online in 1992. Now he works to ensure that the legacy of DZero, as well as of the Tevatron, is thoroughly documented.

The Tevatron turned off in 2011, but there is still plenty of physics to be mined among 500 trillion proton-antiproton collisions it delivered to scientists for more than 20 years. Denisov will oversee the publication of many upcoming fundamental results from the data DZero collected. Through these publications and in cooperation with scientists from the Tevatron’s other experiment, CDF, Denisov plans to help make accessible to scientists as much as possible of the physics the Tevatron helped to uncover.

“The Tevatron program shaped experimental particle physics for more than two decades, allowing us to make fundamental discoveries and precise measurements and growing a new generation of scientists,” Denisov said. “Our work now is to fully extract physics results from the Tevatron data set and to preserve the DZero experiment data for the long term.”