Get to know your Procurement Department

Joe Collins

Joe Collins, procurement manager, wrote this column.

As we enter the second half of the fiscal year, chances are that we will need to purchase more items that support Fermilab’s mission. As budgets become clear, purchasing activity goes up, and so does the urgency of the need.

The Procurement Department helps the laboratory meet its acquisition needs. Procurement’s mission is to help obtain the goods and services required at the right time and at the overall best value. We must do this in a way that ensures that FRA upholds its contract with the Department of Energy. This includes fair and open competition, small business participation and sustainable procurements.

Procurement is organized into three groups: Project Procurement, Operations Procurement and Administration. The staff members working within the Project Procurement Group support the purchasing and subcontracting requirements of the laboratory’s capital projects. Some of the staff members are designated as procurement liaisons for our larger projects, such as LBNE and Mu2e. All of the laboratory’s construction, major fabrication and engineering service subcontracts are handled by this group, which is headed by Bob Cibic, x3528.

The Operations Group, headed by Bill Koncelik, x4173, handles Fermilab’s IT requirements; maintenance, repair and operation commodities; and institutional, site and general services. The Operations Group is responsible for professional services and university subcontracts and administers the Procard program. A listing of the commodities and services for which the individual procurement administrators are responsible, as well as the project liaison assignments in the Project Group, can be found on the Procurement website.

The Administration Group maintains the critical flow of work from requisition through purchase order closeout and keeps in close contact with IT staff members who provide the laboratory’s Oracle system support. The Administration Group supervisor is Joanne Hall, x4168.

As Fermilab acquires new projects, Procurement has plans to grow and become even more project-centric. Some staff reorganization and assignment changes will take place as a greater number of procurement staff members devote a larger portion of their time to major individual subcontracts. We share the excitement that the laboratory’s future promises and stand ready to do all we can to help fulfill that promise.