Introducing the Fermilab Test Beam Committee

The newly formed Fermilab Test Beam Committee will help schedule time for experiments at the laboratory’s test beam facility. Photo: Reidar Hahn

The Fermilab Test Beam Committee held its first meeting Wednesday, April 23. Director Nigel Lockyer called for the formation of the committee to develop guidelines to help schedule time for experiments at the Fermilab Test Beam Facility and also suggest possible upgrades to the test beamlines.

In previous years, about 200 researchers used the test beam facility. This year, the facility saw a large jump in the number of requests for beam time, and the committee anticipates more users than slots.

Fermilab’s two test beamlines are designed to produce a variety of particle types and a range of energies in which users can test equipment or detectors to prepare for running a full experiment.

To most fully represent the test beam community, the committee’s eight members were chosen from a broad range of expertise from both national labs and universities. They come from Fermilab, Argonne, CERN, Cornell University, Iowa State University and SLAC.

“We hope to form best practices for the test beam facility through cross-pollination with other laboratories, such as CERN and SLAC, that have test beams,” said Peter Wittich, associate professor at Cornell University and Fermilab Test Beam Committee chair.

Since the Fermilab Test Beam Facility began operating in 2005, it has served a total of 633 collaborators on 45 experiments in 24 countries.

Amanda Solliday