National Weather Service recognizes Fermilab

Louis Uccellini (right), director of the National Weather Service, presents the Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador award to Mike Weis (left), DOE Fermi Site Office Manager, and Bill Flaherty (center), head of security at Fermilab and longtime organizer of the annual Severe Weather Seminar. Photo: Ed Fenelon, NWS Forecast Office, Romeoville, Ill.

At the recent Tornado and Severe Weather Seminar, the National Weather Service presented Fermilab with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador award.

Through the award, NOAA formally recognizes partners “who are improving the nation’s readiness, responsiveness and overall resilience against extreme weather, water and climate events.” Fermilab has hosted the local Tornado and Severe Weather Seminar for 34 years, partnering with WGN’s Tom Skilling.