New ethics training for all Fermilab employees

Gary Leonard, Fermilab general counsel, wrote this column.

Gary Leonard

Employees at the laboratory have asked whether Fermilab has an ethics policy and, if so, what the policy says. The short answer is that we do have an ethics policy. And today, all Fermi Research Alliance employees will see an important new training course in their ITNAs. The course will help make staff aware of what the policy says.

FRA is a contractor of the Department of Energy, and because of that partnership, FRA employees must follow certain guidelines and requirements established by DOE and the federal government concerning ethical conduct in general, as well as in business and employment practices.

To remain in compliance with these requirements, Fermilab’s Legal Office has put together the brief training course to make all Fermilab employees aware of the laboratory’s ethics policy, including topics such as the FRA Code of Conduct and outside employment and consulting. The policy also contains resources for dealing with ethics issues employees may confront in the workplace. The training involves an interactive presentation with engaging hypotheticals as well as basic factual information about FRA’s ethics policy.

The Legal Office is directly responsible for overseeing the FRA ethics program and resolving ethics-related issues. All employees should feel free to visit the Legal Office, located on Wilson Hall’s fourth floor, with questions or concerns. You can also call the Legal Office at x3572.