Cryogenic tank installed at MC-1 Building

A liquid-nitrogen storage tank, formerly for Tevatron experiments, will be repurposed for experiments at the MC-1 Building. Photo: Carl Lundberg, AD

On May 28, the Facilities Engineering Services Section and the Accelerator Division placed a large liquid-nitrogen storage tank into position as part of the Muon Campus MC-1 Building construction. This vertical, 15,000-gallon tank was previously located at the Central Helium Liquefier, where it had been used for the Tevatron cryogenic system.

The move to MC-1 enables Fermilab’s existing cryogenic infrastructure to be reused to meet new experimental needs.

The vertical tank was first picked with a large crane, tipped horizontally with a second crane for transportation and then raised for installation at MC-1. The tank will provide liquid nitrogen for both the Muon g-2 and Mu2e experiments.

Bill Soyars