DZero looks back, looks ahead during collaboration meeting

All former and current DZero spokespersons will participate in next week’s collaboration meeting. Photo: Miles Boone

On June 9-10, current and former DZero collaborators will descend on Fermilab to celebrate the experiment that, along with CDF, discovered the top quark. DZero continues to investigate physics from 20 years’ worth of Tevatron data.

In one sense it is a last hurrah, but in another, the gathering of so many DZero scientists is the perfect opportunity to begin laying the foundation of the experiment’s legacy.

That includes the experiment’s latest physics results, which researchers will present at the biannual International Conference of High Energy Physics in July in Valencia, Spain. DZero scientists will review their results for ICHEP, the world’s largest conference in particle physics, at next week’s meeting.

In a key talk, DZero physics coordinators will discuss how the collaboration will handle future analyses and publications.

Looking ahead, attendees will also update and amend the DZero constitution and its governance guidelines.

“We need governance that will work for the long term,” said DZero co-spokesperson Dmitri Denisov.

The meeting will also be a reunion of sorts, looking back at the formation of the collaboration and its early work. All 10 former and current DZero spokespersons plan to participate in the meeting.

“We think it will be a nice reunion moment,” Denisov said.

All are invited to attend the meeting and celebrate DZero’s achievements on June 10 in Ramsey Auditorium.

“It’s impressive to see that so many DZero physicists are still eager to get together both to scrutinize their latest results and review their milestone achievements,” said DZero co-spokesperson Gregorio Bernardi.

The meeting agenda is online.

Leah Hesla