John R. Buckley celebrates retirement after 35 years at lab

John Buckley

Accelerator Division Senior Technician John R. Buckley has diligently serviced Fermilab’s beamlines, water systems, pumps and piping for 35 years. Now he enters retirement. His last working day at the lab is June 6.

Buckley started in what was then the Research Division and moved to the Accelerator Division when the latter acquired the responsibility for the fixed-target beamlines.

“At the time, I remember hearing how ‘Buckley’ would take care of this or ‘Buckley’ would take care of that. I wondered who this seemingly invisible person was that seemed to take care of these aging beamlines for us,” said Patrick Hurh, head of the Mechanical Support Department. “Later, I found out who he was: a careful, hard-working, dedicated and caring technician.”

Hurh also discovered that Buckley is an early riser.

“When my daily schedule changed and I started showing up for work at an early hour, I discovered who pops the popcorn and makes the first pot of coffee!” Hurh said.

Buckley’s attention to detail and his extensive experience working for the laboratory made him a valuable asset to the Mechanical Support Department.

“John exhibited a quiet, consistent work ethic that made him one of our most reliable employees,” said MSD engineer Maurice Ball. “He was one of the remaining few employees at the lab who could recall valuable operations details about the external beamlines footprint when it seemed that all had been long forgotten.”

Buckley says that when he retires, he’ll spend more time with his family and devote his energy to “me time.” His colleagues and supervisors says it is well deserved.

“We will miss all the goodies he would bring — pizza, donuts, popcorn — let alone his expertise with the beamline low-conductivity-water systems,” said Bob Slazyk, Buckley’s direct supervisor and head of the Fluids Operations Group. “John has worked long and hard for this day, and we wish him the best of luck.”