PIP-II collaboration meeting – today and tomorrow

On June 3-4, scientists from universities and laboratories across the United States will meet at Fermilab to discuss a number of upgrades to Fermilab’s proton complex, known as Proton Improvement Plan-II, or PIP-II.

PIP-II is a plan for developing Fermilab’s accelerator complex to deliver high-power beams for the lab’s neutrino experiments while providing a flexible platform for the future research program. Over many months, scientists have developed a plan for the accelerator upgrade, one that is well-aligned with the laboratory’s scientific program.

The recently released P5 report recommended that R&D for PIP-II proceed immediately, followed by construction. The goal is to provide a megawatt proton beam by the time of first operation of the future long-baseline neutrino facility, around the middle of the next decade. To that end, researchers will capitalize on the lab’s existing infrastructure while replacing its older components. One such piece is the existing 400-MeV linac, which under PIP-II will be replaced by a new 800-MeV superconducting linac.

Learn more about the PIP-II meeting at the meeting website.