Nathaniel Fisch visits Fermilab

On Wednesday, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory’s Nathaniel Fisch visited Fermilab. AD scientist Elvin Harms (left), shows Fisch (center) and Ilya Dodin (PPPL scientist, right) a capture cavity on a tour of the Advanced Superconducting Test Accelerator. Photo courtesy of Young-Min Shin, NIU

On July 9, Associate Director for Academic Affairs and Director of the Program in Plasma Physics at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Nathaniel Fisch visited Fermilab. Fermilab scientists Pushpalatha C. Bhat and Young-Min Shin of Northern Illinois University hosted his visit.

Fisch toured Fermilab’s Advanced Superconducting Test Accelerator, held collaboration meetings with Fermilab scientists and gave a seminar on plasma wave compression at the Fermilab Colloquium.