Changes to videoconferencing services at Fermilab

Fermilab’s audio, web and video services are currently provided by ESnet. As of Sept. 30, ESnet will discontinue these services. Videoconferencing will continue to work with our Polycom units, but the lab has chosen to discontinue video bridging and multipoint hosting services. This means that the ECS ad hoc video services and phone gateway will no longer be offered.

After Sept. 30, the following videoconferencing services will be provided by Fermilab:

  1. Continued audio and web collaboration services.
  2. Point-to-point connections in most videoconference rooms. If you need to host meetings that require video connections to more than one site, conference room or location, you will need to use a video-bridging service provided by another institution or third-party service provider. (Exceptions available at link below.)
  3. Support for connecting conference rooms to video-bridging services provided by other institutions with one week’s advance notice. (Compatibility of our equipment cannot be guaranteed.)
  4. Support for CERN Vidyo services remains unchanged.

We will hold the following town hall meetings to provide more details, present options and answer questions:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 5, from 9-10:30 a.m., WH1E
  • Thursday, Aug. 7, from 2-3:30 p.m., FCC2A
  • Thursday, Aug. 28, from 10:30 a.m.-noon, FCC2A

For more information about the changes to videoconferencing services, view this article.