Fermilab posts latest Physics Advisory Committee report

Fermilab has released the latest report from the committee that advises laboratory director on the direction of the laboratory’s future experiments and programs. The charge to the Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee and its recommendations are now available on the PAC Web page.

The Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee met from July 23-25 to look at the planned evolution of the laboratory program in view of the report “Building for Discovery: Strategic Plan for U.S. Particle Physics in the Global Context,” released in May by the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel. The results of that meeting are captured in the PAC report.

“All PAC meetings provide important advice for the Director, but this meeting was specially important,” said PAC Secretary Steve Geer. “It provided advice at a critical time for the management as the laboratory program is being aligned with the P5 recommendations.”

The PAC is composed of senior scientists from universities and high-energy physics laboratories in the United States and abroad.