Fermilab retiree medical changes

Recently, Fermilab sent a letter to our retirees about upcoming changes to retiree medical benefits. The changes described in the letter will take effect Jan. 1, 2015, and will apply only to retirees and/or their spouses who are eligible for Medicare. This change does not apply to anyone who is covered under the Fermilab medical plans as an active employee, regardless of age or Medicare eligibility.

Fermilab is partnering with Towers Watson OneExchange to provide our Medicare-eligible retirees with a wide range of medical, prescription drug, dental and vision plans. Fermilab will provide each retiree with funds to be used to purchase these plans. OneExchange will help our Medicare-eligible retirees choose the best plan from the available options to meet their personal circumstances. This new program replaces the current HMO and PPO options available to Medicare-eligible retirees. This change does not apply to retirees or their spouses who are not eligible for Medicare.

The retiree announcement letter includes a schedule of retiree education meetings, which will be hosted by the WDRS Benefits Office and OneExchange. The meetings will help explain the new program to our Medicare-eligible retirees and ensure they understand the actions they need to take in the next few months to enroll in the new program.

A meeting is planned for active employees who wish to learn more about the program on Monday, Sept. 8 at 10 p.m. in the Big Room, which is in the CDF building.

Additional meetings and information for active employees about the new program will be provided during annual enrollment for benefits in October.

Please review these frequently asked questions about this retiree medical program change for active employees. If you have questions, please attend the meeting on Sept. 8. You may also email the Benefits Office with questions.