Progress on Fermilab’s Software Quality Assurance implementation plan

Throughout the laboratory, staff have been making great strides on implementing Fermilab’s SQA program.

The implementation of Fermilab’s Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Program is taking place across the laboratory. Thanks to the hard work of the divisions and sections, 988 software applications so far have been entered into the laboratory’s Configuration Management Database, an inventory of all the applications used throughout the laboratory. Application owners are at different stages of completing the main deliverables of the SQA implementation plan, which are:

  1. an inventory of all applications
  2. an assignment of a QA level to each application
  3. a gap analysis to identify required control measures
  4. a corrective action plan to implement required control measures.

Based on the original due dates established in the implementation plan, application owners should have already completed deliverables 1, 2 and 3. Application owners are now working on deliverable 4 and have identified a corrective action plan to implement the missing control measures required by the program. Corrective action plans address how controls will be implemented. For legacy or existing applications, application owners are not required to retroactively create documentation. Rather, required documentation should be created as necessary to support new changes and releases.

As a next step, the ESH&Q Quality Assurance Group will perform a quality assessment, which is scheduled to begin this week. The group, working with each division’s and section’s quality assurance representative, will measure how far along each division and section is with the deliverables of the implementation plan and will highlight best practices as well as opportunities for improvement along the way. The assessment is scheduled to be completed by Sept. 30.

The Quality Assurance Group has developed online training for the SQA Program, which is available for anyone either developing applications or determining appropriate quality control measures for applications under his or her control. An introduction to the SQA Program (FN000510/CB/01) is now available via TRAIN by answering “yes” to the applicable ITNA question.

Information on Fermilab’s SQA Program can be found in the SQA Program document. Any questions regarding the SQA Program or its implementation can be sent to

Kathy Zappia, Quality Assurance Group, and Julie Marsh, Office of the CIO