Restructuring the FRA Board

Fermilab Director
Nigel Lockyer

Fermi Research Alliance LLC, the operator of Fermilab for the U.S. Department of Energy and a partnership between the University of Chicago and Universities Research Association, is reorganizing its board of directors this fall to best support the laboratory as it shapes its future as a world-leading scientific institution, working in close partnership with the scientific community to ensure a bright future for U.S. particle physics.

The FRA Board provides strategic guidance, oversight, direction and advice to Fermilab management. The reorganized 15-member board will strongly emphasize support and advice in matters of project management, governance, industrial expertise, government relations and international collaboration.

This expertise on our board will be crucial as we continue the work already begun to restructure and realign our lab to match the demands of the P5 plan. The plan calls on Fermilab to transform into a laboratory capable of hosting a world-leading international accelerator-based neutrino program while playing key roles in Large Hadron Collider research, muon physics, and the quest to understand dark matter and energy.

The P5 plan highlights one major challenge our laboratory will face over the next decade: carrying out the largest suite of construction projects within the DOE Office of Science. Another is developing an Illinois Accelerator Research Center program that turns Fermilab into a hub for industrial development of the next generation of particle accelerators, products and applications.

The goal of a reorganized board will be to support the lab management team as we seek to meet these challenges and to improve our overall operations performance. The board will also continue to assess our scientific strategy, in close consultation with the Physics Advisory Committee and as guided by national advisory groups.

The reorganization was determined by the two members of FRA, the University of Chicago and Universities Research Association Inc. It will be overseen by an interim board that will be convened on Oct. 1. The interim board will include Robert J. Zimmer, chairman of the board and president of the University of Chicago; vice chairman of the board and Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon; Marta Cehelsky, executive director of Universities Research Association; and Donald Levy, vice president for research and national laboratories at the University of Chicago. The full board reorganization will be completed in 2015.