Users Executive Committee election – vote by Sept. 8

The Fermilab Users Executive Committee has initiated the election of six new members of the 13-member UEC. UEC members will serve a two-year term starting fall 2014 and ending summer 2016. Candidates for the open positions have submitted a photograph, a CV and a statement of interest for serving on the UEC. These can be seen at the election Web page, which has a link for entering your votes.

The deadline for entering your votes is midnight on Monday, Sept. 8, Central time. You must have a valid Fermilab ID to vote.

The following UEC members have completed their terms and will rotate off the committee: Mary Anne Cummings (Muons Inc.), Craig Group (University of Virginia and Fermilab), Breese Quinn (University of Mississippi), Mandy Rominsky (Fermilab), Greg Snow (University of Nebraska), Nikos Varelas (University of Illinois at Chicago, former UEC chair).

The following UEC members will remain on the committee for another year: Sandra Biedron (Colorado State University), Tulika Bose (Boston University), Andre de Gouvea (Northwestern University), Bill Lee (Fermilab), Vivian O’Dell (Fermilab), Marcelle Soares-Santos (Fermilab), Lee Roberts (Boston University, current UEC chair).

Please take a moment to vote for up to six new members of the UEC. You may choose fewer than six candidates, but ballots with more than six votes will be discarded. Questions about the election can be addressed to the UEC chair Lee Roberts of Boston University or the UEC election coordinator Greg Snow of University of Nebraska.