Veteran DZero scientist assumes co-spokesperson position

Paul Grannis

DZero has come full circle with the recent reelection of their first spokesperson Paul Grannis. Grannis joined DZero in 1983 and served as inaugural spokesperson, then co-spokesperson until 1996.

Grannis takes over from current DZero co-spokesperson Gregorio Bernardi on Sept. 1.

In his time at DZero, Grannis played fundamental roles in designing, building and commissioning the detector and generating the first round of physics results, including the observation of the top quark.

Nearly two decades later, he and current DZero co-spokesperson Dmitri Denisov are guiding the experiment to the finish line as they round out an eventful and memorable 31 years.

“I’d like to commend Gregorio Bernardi, who is stepping down as co-spokesperson,” Grannis said. “He’s done a fine job of steering the collaboration through many wonderful publications. In the future it will be my pleasure to serve as co-spokesperson again for DZero, and I’m looking forward to working with Dmitri.”

In this final one-to-two year stretch, the collaboration has its sights set on finalizing the remaining papers and publishing results that will stand as legacy for DZero and the Tevatron.

Denisov says that, in this interesting and challenging period following the 2011 shutdown of the Tevatron, it’s important for the collaboration to focus on the experiment’s scientific analyses and for the leadership to develop well-defined goals while retaining the trust of the collaboration. Grannis, Denisov says, will be a great asset in setting and achieving these goals.

“Paul is a perfect match. He’s really devoted and has always been driven by the science. He’s taught many of us to follow the science, too,” Denisov said. “I think everyone in the collaboration is really pleased with having Paul as our new co-spokesperson.”

Hanae Armitage