New members of Users Executive Committee elected

Fermilab welcomes the newest members of the Users Executive Committee: Fernanda Garcia (Fermilab), Fabio Happacher (INFN Frascati), William Louis (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Jesus Orduna (Rice University), Linda Spentzouris (Illinois Institute of Technology) and Thomas Strauss (University of Bern).

The new members will serve a two-year term and will join continuing members Sandra Biedron (Colorado State University), Tulika Bose (Boston University), Andre de Gouvea (Northwestern University), Bill Lee (Fermilab), Vivian O’Dell (Fermilab), Marcelle Soares-Santos (Fermilab) and Lee Roberts (Boston University, current UEC chair) in the first year. Rotating off the committee at this time are Mary Anne Cummings (Muons Inc.), Craig Group (University of Virginia and Fermilab), Breese Quinn (University of Mississippi), Mandy Rominsky (Fermilab), Greg Snow (University of Nebraska) and Nikos Varelas (University of Illinois at Chicago). A new UEC chair will be elected by the committee at its first meeting on Sept. 26.