One minute with Jared Gaynier, mechanical engineering undergraduate

Jared Gaynier, member of the AD Mechanical Support Department, is an engineering co-op student. Here he stands by hoist ring base and blocks prior to conducting a load test. Photo: Christine Ader, AD

What is your title here and what program are you with?
I am an “engineering co-op” — part of the Cooperative Education Program at Fermilab — with the Accelerator Division Mechanical Support Department. I study mechanical engineering at Kettering University in Michigan for two quarters, and I come here for the summer and winter quarters. I began at Fermilab the summer of 2011, and I finish this Friday, Sept. 26.

And then what will you do?
I have one more quarter at Kettering. Then I am going into the Navy as a surface warfare officer. I am in the Nuclear Propulsion Officers Candidate Program, somewhat similar to ROTC.

How did you find out about Fermilab’s cooperative education program?
In high school in Ida, Michigan, I wrote a report on Enrico Fermi and learned about Fermilab then. In my first term at Kettering University, my chemistry professor started off the class talking about neutrinos and Fermilab, so that brought it back to me. That semester, I researched more about Fermilab on the website and found out they had a co-op program and applied.

What did you do here on a daily basis?
Basically, when engineers or physicists — mainly in the Accelerator Division — request mechanical support, I am there to help. One day I could be down in the tunnel helping taking measurements or installing fixtures, or I could be at my desk making 3-D models or doing computer simulations.

What has been the most enjoyable part for you at Fermilab?
I’d say interacting with all the different people around the lab. There are a lot of very intelligent, sharp individuals here, from all different backgrounds.

How do you think the Navy will fulfill your hopes?
Well, I like adventure, so traveling around the world on an aircraft carrier is going to be really cool. Also, professionally, it is going to be a leadership experience. I am going to be on a ship with a bunch of other people for a long period of time, and I really enjoy a close-knit community. It is something I have at school. And it is something I have here at Fermilab — it is a very close-knit community here, too. I look forward to that in the Navy.

Rich Blaustein