ROC West opens

Fermilab Director
Nigel Lockyer

The new west remote operations center, or ROC West, is open for business in Wilson Hall. Construction, which began in March, is on schedule and nearly complete. A few details remain, including restoring the stairway to the ground floor over the next few weeks.

Supporting the P5 plan, ROC West will serve as a centralized hub for scientists who work on Fermilab’s neutrino and muon experiments (LBNF, MicroBooNE, MINERvA, MiniBooNE, MINOS, Mu2e, Muon g-2 and NOvA), similar to ROC East for the CMS experiment. ROC West’s open-concept design and layout allow for future experiments to be accommodated as well. Reinforcing the “One Lab” concept, experimenters who are working on different projects will be in close proximity to each other as they commission and operate their experiments, which encourages sharing of information and provides a logistical focal point for operations. ROC West also brings scientists to the Wilson Hall atrium, creating a more vital atmosphere here at the lab.

Having a centralized location also simplifies communication between the Main Control Room and the experiments and provides a single point of contact for experimenters at Fermilab and university researchers at their home institutions. This is especially important for experimenters involved in remote monitoring and operations.

Located adjacent to the atrium in Wilson Hall, ROC West will facilitate education and public outreach regarding particle physics research. Visitors and tour groups will be able to observe experimenters at work and see educational content displayed on the many screens located throughout the center. The brightly lit control room, as well as the newly installed lighting in the atrium, will be especially appreciated during the coming winter months.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the attractive new space, stop by the next time you’re in Wilson Hall. Also, ROC West will be open to employees during the Oct. 8 labwide celebration from 4 to 6 p.m., and staff will be available to answer questions.

Thank you to the entire team who has helped to make ROC West a reality. While quite a few experiments have been establishing remote operations centers at their home institutions, it is our goal to continue to make it desirable for scientists to be on site at Fermilab. ROC West will certainly help us to accomplish that goal.

The new ROC West will provide a hub for scientists who work on Fermilab’s neutrino and muon experiments. Photo: Reidar Hahn