Bruce Riley, Renee Robbins talk ‘Negentropy’ – tomorrow at noon in Fermilab Art Gallery

An art talk on the current Fermilab Art Gallery exhibit takes place tomorrow at noon. This painting by Bruce Riley, "Lilith with Lilin, Baby Momma," is part of the exhibit.

On Wednesday, Oct. 15, at noon, artists Bruce Riley and Renee Robbins will discuss their work in the exhibit "Negentropy," currently at the Fermilab Art Gallery.

Both artists share an interest in vivid color, obsessive detail, nature and science. Their work blurs the microscopic and macroscopic, moving between worlds that are imagined and real. Robbins’ paintings create a window into a rich universe of indiscernible scale with patterns of systemic flow and visual poetry. Riley’s paintings are lush objects that present enigmatic narratives. Negentropy touches on the overarching theme for this collection of artworks and pulls from the rich intersection of science, nature and art.