New cryogenics system installed in MC-1 Building

The new cryogenic system for the Muon g-2 experiment will help cool the 50-foot-diameter muon storage ring. Photo: Bill Soyars, AD

The Accelerator Division Cryogenics Department successfully operated the Muon g-2 cryogenic system for initial commissioning during a two-week period from Sept. 25 to Oct. 9. They tested key components of the refrigeration system, newly installed in the MC-1 Building. The components included inventory storage, cryogenic piping, valves, compressors, expansion engines, heat exchangers, instrumentation and controls.

On Oct. 2, cryogenic operators produced liquid helium at the MC-1 Building for the first time, verifying proper function. This accomplishment was achieved by dedicated work of AD Cryogenics technical staff, with key support provided by AD, FESS and PPD, as well as independent system reviewers.

Bill Soyars, AD