Submit your questions and concerns to the Fermilab Employee Advisory Group

The Fermilab Employee Advisory Group wants to hear your suggestions about laboratory work life. Front row, from left: Al Dhimar, Stephen Brice, John Kent, Nigel Lockyer, Vicky White, Farah Fahim, Martin Bentivengo, Jody Federwitz, Sandra Efstathiou. Back row, from left: Bob O’Sullivan, Cheryl Bentham, Dave Harding, Karen Seifrid, Mike Pfaff, Andrew Dalesandro, Amber Kenney, Charlie Cooper. Not pictured: Sabina Aponte, Keith Coiley, Terry Cross, Cindy Joe, Tim Messer, Juliana Whitmore, Karl Williams

Do you have a question, concern or suggestion about work life at Fermilab? Submit it online to Fermilab’s Employee Advisory Group.

The EAG provides laboratory senior management with employee perspectives, insights and suggestions about the development and implementation of new and revised policies that affect our workplace. Topics of discussion include:

  • Fair application of flexible work schedules and telecommuting policies
  • Improving the employee orientation process
  • Improving procedures for addressing and resolving employee concerns
  • Identifying ways to create and maintain a positive culture throughout the laboratory

The Employee Advisory Group is here to assist you and looks forward to hearing from you.