Ben Lee Fellow Junko Shigemitsu discusses lattice QCD at today’s colloquium

Junko Shigemitsu, a Benjamin Lee fellow, will give today’s colloquium talk at 4 p.m. Photo: Paul Mackenzie, PPD

Junko Shigemitsu of the Ohio State University, the current Ben Lee fellow in the Fermilab Theory Department, will give this afternoon’s colloquium, “What Can Lattice QCD Do For You?" Shigemitsu, one of the leaders of the world lattice gauge theory community, will discuss the ways in which lattice calculations are enabling new searches for physics beyond the Standard Model.

As a graduate student at Cornell University, Shigemitsu performed some of the first calculations of the hadron spectrum in the 1970s. After stints as a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and a postdoc at Brown University, she joined the faculty of the Ohio State University in 1982. Since then, she has had a distinguished career applying lattice gauge theory to physics both in and beyond the Standard Model and for the last decade as one of the leaders of the HPQCD Collaboration.

The Ben Lee Fellowship, successor to the Fermilab Frontier Fellows program, brings distinguished senior theorists to Fermilab to contribute to and profit from the intellectual life of the laboratory. The fellowship honors the memory of Benjamin W. Lee, one of the world’s leading theorists, who led the theory group from 1973 until his tragic death in an auto accident in 1977.

Paul Mackenzie, Theory Department