Winter weather: road closures and parking restrictions

These lime-green cones will mark the special no-parking areas during the winter.

Green cones will soon begin appearing in parking lots across site — a sure sign that Fermilab is ready for winter weather. It’s time to take more care walking in parking lots and in choosing where to park. And as in recent years, there will be road and parking lot closures.

Employees have suggested that we wait until the first significant snowfall to close roads. Based on these suggestions, we will close some roads starting with the first significant snowfall and then for the remainder of winter. These roads will reopen in late March, depending on weather forecasts. With the road closures, crews can maintain the same level of service in critical areas and extend the life of older roads.

North Eola Road from Batavia Road to Road C East and Wilson Road from McChesney to Road B will be closed. In addition, Main Ring Road will be closed to all traffic except emergency and service vehicles. Limited snow removal service in the Main Ring will provide access for only these vehicles. Service levels and access will not change in the F4/AZero and CZero areas.

Parking during the winter can also be more complicated. Every winter, FESS Roads and Grounds crews clear more than 85 parking lots across the Fermilab site during and after each weather event.

In an effort to streamline parking lot plowing operations without jeopardizing safety, FESS Roads and Grounds, in cooperation with building managers, designate areas in about 25 parking lots that will not receive snow removal service. These areas are marked with lime-green safety cones.

The cones designate the areas as no-parking zones throughout the winter season. Fermilab security personnel will monitor the no-parking areas. Establishing these areas allows for effective and frequent snow removal efforts in high-priority locations while keeping costs low. In addition, using less salt and less fuel will have a beneficial environmental effect.

With more than 400 building entrances on site, it is challenging for snow crews to keep every entrance free from snow and ice all winter. Employees and users are encouraged to walk slowly, take small steps, and watch for snow and ice hazards. Uneven surfaces can complicate matters. Chunks of ice and snow or even coarse rock salt can cause normally smooth surfaces to become uneven. Wear footwear that provides traction on snow and ice, slow down, and don’t let yourself become distracted while walking in winter conditions.

If you have questions about parking during the winter season, please contact the building manager for your work area.

Jolie Macier