Dianne Engram retires Friday after 35 years with Fermilab

Dianne Engram

Dianne Engram, Fermilab’s Equal Opportunity Office manager, came to Fermilab in 1979 and hit the ground running. That year she developed a program to provide training in technician, machining and drafting skills for underprivileged but promising workers. The trainees would then enter the Fermilab workforce as lab technicians.

After 35 years, Engram retires from Fermilab with the strong legacy presaged by that first remarkable year. Her last day is Dec. 19.

Throughout her service to the laboratory, Engram has worked both to improve the work lives of employees and to enhance the education of science-interested students that could one day become employees of places like Fermilab.

At Fermilab she helped develop the class Managing Within the Law, now mandatory for all laboratory managers and supervisors. She also developed the first labwide Diversity Council, which aids employee recruitment and retention.

Engram’s work with students is equally notable. In the 1980s, she helped secure funding that led to the TARGET internship program for high school students. She later strengthened the Summer Internships in Science and Technology so that the program’s undergraduate participants would take a more active role in lab research. She also established a Fermilab internship program with Prairie View A&M University physics majors.

She’s taken on leadership roles as well. Engram is the chair of Tomorrow’s Scientists, Technicians and Managers, which exposes middle and high school students to STEM education programs. She is also the Fermilab representative for the GEM Consortium, a nationwide coalition of universities and employers that offers fellowships and internships to minorities.

Once Engram retires, she plans to devote more of her time to the public service organizations where she volunteers currently.

Say goodbye to Engram at her retirement celebration Tuesday, Dec. 16, at 2 p.m. on the second-floor crossover.