Photos by Reidar Hahn on display at SciTech Museum

Fermilab photographer Reidar Hahn’s images are currently on display at the SciTech Museum in Aurora. Photo: Georgia Schwender, OC

Fermilab photographer and head of Visual Media Services Reidar Hahn has taken thousands of pictures of Fermilab: the people, the science, small components, large buildings.

Now you can view a selection of 20 of his photos at the SciTech Museum in Aurora. They will be on display for several months.

Fermilab has been closely involved with SciTech since its inception: It provided funding in the museum’s early days, and many of the original exhibits were built with the assistance of Fermilab scientists and engineers. Fermilab continues to support the museum by providing a member of SciTech’s Board of Directors.