Improved issues tracking at Fermilab with iTrack

The iTrack Task Force worked to take a closer look at the Fermilab’s management tracking system to identify how to make it more useful and user-friendly. Their efforts produced an updated system, which will give the laboratory a clearer view of its reviews and assessment activities.

Just over one year ago, Fermilab announced iTrack as the one laboratory-authorized method for tracking items related to assessments, reviews, tours, inspections and similar activities. A task force was formed with representatives from around the laboratory to determine how the lab could make the system more effective. Fast forward to today, and we see that iTrack has received a much-needed upgrade to ensure the tool is able to meet the evolving needs of the laboratory. The upgrade will allow us to improve our issues tracking and reporting capabilities. It will also serve as a data source for quality assurance metrics on FermiDash related to the issues management program.

Based on the final report of the iTrack Task Force, the ESH&Q Section Quality Assurance Group worked closely with the Core Computing Division to make the tool more useful and user-friendly. The upgrades include a streamlined data entry process; improved reporting capabilities with preset queries available at the click of a mouse; enhanced search capabilities through which users can now perform text-based searches; and upgraded search output results exportable to Excel.

Quality Assurance Manual chapter 12030, iTrack Procedures and Risk Assignment, was also updated and includes instructions for using iTrack. Items to be tracked in iTrack include results from activities where formal reports are issued, including DOE reviews, external program reviews, incidents or events such as near misses, organized safety inspections and walkthroughs, self assessments and director’s reviews. For items that are not recorded in iTrack, such as routine equipment inspections, action items and tasks from meetings, new employee orientation tours, and items found during normal work activities, divisions and sections can choose a method that best fits their needs to track these items to completion.

The ESH&Q Quality Assurance Group will provide training to data entry personnel to acquaint them with the new data entry methods. Additional information and help guides have been posted on the ESH&Q iTrack Web page. For questions about upgrades or to attend a scheduled training session please contact ESH&Q’s QA team.

Kathy Zappia, ESH&Q Quality Assurance Communications Group