Migration to Office 365 begins Jan. 21

The Core Computing Division is upgrading all computers using Microsoft Office to Office 2013 (Office 365) beginning Jan. 21. Migrations will take place in groups over the next several weeks. You will receive an email message from the Service Desk on the Thursday before your computer is scheduled to migrate.

There are a few items about the migration that you should be aware of:

  • Office users will need to enter their username in the format username@services.fnal.gov the first time they attempt to access an Office 365 application to activate the license. This action is needed one time only per computer.
  • For Windows users, there are significant interface changes in this version of Office. Mac users will have the same look and feel of the applications until next year, when the new version of office for Mac is released. For more information about Office 365 and details about the migration, see these FAQs for Windows users or for Mac users
  • The installation process for Windows, described in the FAQ, may take as long as one hour. We have timed the installation to begin early in the morning so it will be complete by the time individuals arrive at work.

Further details about what individuals will need to do to prepare for the migration will be included in the email to individual users prior to their migration. However, we encourage you to read the FAQs at the links above.